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Neutralization Substance MiCOVac Booster

Activate Immune System Safe & Effective

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MiCO Vac Booster contains Bacillus subtilis spores coated with specific antigens, enhancing the immune system by increasing the levels of neutralizing antibodies against viruses. The spores of Bacillus subtilis can survive in harsh environmental conditions and potentially reach the small intestine, inducing an immune response and synergistically activating the immune system through the gut microbiota. This product has the potential to activate immune defense against viruses.

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Easily excreted from the body

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Enhances protective capacity

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Mild side effects

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After the capsule enters the digestive organs, Bacillus subtilis spores are released in the small intestine.


When Bacillus subtilis spores with specific antigens reach the small intestine, cytokines are released, activating B lymphocytes and T lymphocytes, thereby boosting the immune system.


When a virus invasion occurs, the neutralizing antibodies are already prepared to protect the body.

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The level of neutralizing antibodies against spike proteins significantly increases after taking PGN BS.

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WHO vaccine tracker

This oral vaccine technology in clinical development has been included in the list of ''COVID-19 Vaccine tracker and landscape'' by the World Health Organization.

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Energy Value 熱量​                   1 kcal                           Protein タンパク質                  0.1 g 
Total Fat 総脂質                    0 g                               Carbohydrates 炭水化物        0.3 g 
- Saturated Fat 飽和脂肪          0 g                                 - Sugars 糖分                           0 g
- Trans Fat トランス脂肪       0 g                               Sodium ナトリウム                  1 g 


Bacillus Subtilis PGN  (枯草菌PGN)

Contents of the box::

3 capsules. Take 1 capsule on an empty stomach 2 hours before breakfast.

5 to 6 months after the second vaccination

Take 1 capsule on an empty stomach 2 hours before breakfast for 3 consecutive days.

Day 1                                                  1 capsule

Day 2                                                  1 capsule

Day 3                                                  1 capsule

Those who have not been vaccinated

Take 1 capsule each on days 1-3, 14-16, and 28-30 (3 times in total).

1st to 3rd day:                                     1 capsule
14th to 16th day:                                1 capsule
28th to 30th day:                                1 capsule

Storage Instructions::

Please store below 25 degrees Celsius and at a humidity level below 60% without opening the package.

It is recommended to perform an antibody level confirmation test.

To determine the antibody level, it is recommended to take a neutralizing antibody level test before and 14 days after administering MiCOVac.

Health supplement.

Safe and effective.

Increases neutralizing antibody levels.

Easy to use and suitable for home use.

Induces immune response in the small intestine and is excreted from the body within 24 hours.

With gastric acid resistance technology, MiCOVac ensures the release of active ingredients in the small intestine, activating and enhancing immune function.

Storage and transportation are easy even in environments with temperatures of 25 degrees Celsius and humidity of 60%, and there is no need for low-temperature storage distribution.

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