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​How to use


If the kit is used in a manner other than described in the instructions, the test results may be erroneous. Please read the instructions thoroughly before use. Pay particular attention to the following points:

  • Store the kit in a flat place at room temperature between 15 to 30 degrees Celsius.

  • To obtain accurate results, complete the test within 1 hour after opening the test cassette.

  • Refrain from eating, drinking, or smoking during the handling of the specimen.

  • Do not use damaged or expired products.

  • During the extraction process, rotate the specimen collection stick at least 5 times inside the nasal cavity.

  • The optimal amount of specimen is such that the cotton tip of the specimen collection stick becomes moist.

  • Excessive nasal discharge may lead to erroneous results.

  • Use exactly 5 drops of the extraction solution, and do not exceed this amount. Exceeding 5 drops may result in an error.

  • Do not move the test cassette after dropping the solution.

  • Do not interpret results after more than 30 minutes have passed.

  • Do not solely rely on the results of this product for diagnosis. Diagnosis should be made based on other clinical features and laboratory findings by a physician or healthcare professional.

  • This product is intended for research use only and is not suitable for clinical diagnosis.

  • It confirms the presence or absence of antigens but does not measure the quantity of antigens.

  • If the antigen level in the specimen is too low, false negative results may occur.

  • Dispose of the used test kit and related materials after a single use.


Insert the specimen collection stick into the nasal cavity approximately 2cm and rotate the stick 5 times (15 seconds) to collect the specimen.
Use the same specimen collection stick in the other nostril and repeat the above procedure.



Remove the cap of the extraction tube and cut open the seal of the dedicated reagent. Pour the entire reagent into the tube. Handle the tip without touching to prevent contamination.



Insert the specimen collection stick into the tube. Rotate the stick 10-20 times. Wait for 1 minute, then squeeze the tube body and cotton ball to extract the specimen collection stick.



Add 5 drops (approximately 70-80ul) of the extraction solution into the sample well (indentation with an arrow symbol) of the test cassette. Do not move the test cassette after dropping the solution.



After 20 minutes (reaction time), a red line will appear at the "C" and "T" marks on the test cassette. Whether it is positive or negative depends on the presence of the red line. Please refer to the interpretation method for the judgment criteria. Results after 30 minutes are not accurate.


Both the T line and C line show red lines.

Only the C line shows a red line.

C: Control Line

T: Test Line

If no line appears at the C line, the test result is invalid. Please retest using a new testing kit.





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