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The COVID-19 Rapid Test Kit, manufactured in Japan, offers a safe and effective way to test for the novel coronavirus. It enables testing at home, providing results in just 20 minutes with only four simple steps. This test significantly reduces the time and cost required for testing.

Rapid Test Kit:

Antigen testing is a method of testing that detects specific proteins (antigens) unique to the virus using the desired virus-specific antibodies.

By using this kit, an effective test can be conducted in a short period without the need for costly virus testing. It offers a level of accuracy similar to PCR testing, and results can be obtained within 20 minutes, significantly reducing costs.

PCR Test:

PCR stands for Polymerase Chain Reaction, a testing method that amplifies and detects the genetic material of the desired virus using specialized reagents. It can detect the virus several days before symptoms appear.

PCR testing is currently highly accurate. However, it requires medical professional involvement for testing, and results take several hours to obtain. It is also limited to specific healthcare facilities, making it costly and not accessible to everyone.

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